I work as one of two IT Consultants at VIP traders doing general IT tasks, and the only one doing software development. My main job there is to analyze the workflow of the other employees, and design automation solutions. To this end, I built an Android app from the ground up, as well as a few small Java apps in Swing.

The Android app was for scanning in vehicle VINs and loading them into a database along with photos of the vehicle.

For fun, I like to do data mining and present the data in interesting ways. For instance, I scraped all the scripts from the Star Trek franchise, and used them to build a Markov Chain Twitter bot for generating captains logs. I also scraped the sidebar of every subreddit on Reddit and built network graph of related subreddits to see how the communities broke down and grouped up.

Java is my language of choice for most personal projects, however I try to keep myself familiar with other languages. For example C++, Python, C, Javascript (And other essential web languages).

My favorite kind of programming is pair programming, or working on a project with a small group. I also like to contribute to open source projects on GitHub, and as such am familiar with resolving merge conflicts.

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