JSON Resume is an open source initiative to create a JSON-based standard for resumes.

I find the idea very interesting, and I used it to make my resume for this site. I think creating a standardized format for resumes is a worthy goal. I can envision job search sites storing and serving your resume data up to potential employers, which they would be able to view in a resume viewer program, or by integrating the data directly into their own system. No iffy PDF scraping required. No uploading your resume AND filling out a million form fields. The UX would be superior for both job seeks and job providers.

The raw JSON for my resume can be seen at this link or by sending an HTTP GET request to larsbenedetto.work/resume/api/

After organizing all of my data into JSON format, I found a program called HackMyResume to convert the JSON file into various usable formats, and styling them with JSONResume themes. I chose HTML and PDF formats for use on this site.